Stealth Adapted Viruses

Most individuals the biomedical research community find not to criticize vaccines. Indeed they sincerely have faith in the safety and efficacy of vaccines. Sustaining this view is really a lack of disclosure by Government officials of actual long-term hazards of vaccines. An example that I have some experience was current debts use freshly harvested kidneys from rhesus monkeys to make polio vaccines. Cells through the monkey kidneys were cultured and inoculated with all the polio vaccine viruses.

An early finding was that numerous of the rhesus monkeys familiar with provide the kidneys were contaminated with Simian virus 40 (SV40). This particular problem was addressed as a result of 1960s by switching from rhesus to African green monkeys. It was subsequently seen that both rhesus and African green monkeys were also commonly have been infected with their own style of cytomegalovirus. In a 1972 joint study from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as the polio vaccine manufacturer, kidney cell cultures from 11 monkeys were schedule from polio vaccine production and tested for your presence of other viruses. All 11 cultures grew African green monkey simian cytomegalovirus (SCMV).

This information was withheld in the public, arguably since there had been no reports of cytomegalovirus infections occurring in polio vaccine recipients. Nor was this info brought to light when I informed the FDA the virus, which I had repeatedly cultured from the woman using the chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), had unequivocally came from SCMV. What made this virus particularly noteworthy was the absence of any inflammation inside patient or perhaps subsequently inoculated cats. The cats became acutely ill with proof of severe brain damage. Interestingly, the animals showed clinical recovery in spite in the absence of immune stimulated inflammation.

By enhancing the virus culture methods, it became clear the vast majority of CFS patients and a lot of other patients with neuropsychiatric illnesses were virally infected. Yet the viruses, weren’t being effectively recognized through the cellular body’s defense mechanisms. The infecting viruses were designated being stealth adapted, by incorporating clearly provided by SCMV. Children with autism were also proved to be uniformly stealth adapted virus infected. Public Health officials continued to disinterested, particularly response to a further suggestion how the AIDS epidemic possibly resulted in the testing of cytomegalovirus contaminated experimental polio vaccines in African chimpanzees.

Public Health authorities did, however, interact to learning about my testing of blood donors in 2002 for stealth adapted viruses. They needed to affirm their belief in the protection of the Nation’s blood circulation by arguing that my reporting on these viruses had placed the Nation’s health in Immediate Jeopardy. My further clinical testing for these particular viruses was legally prohibited. This demand gave ammunition into a disgruntled patient to start pointless court action and on the founder of a CFS patient support group to poison the net with accusations of fraud and patient exploitation. In reality, I have never received personal income in the research.

The initial prototypical stealth adapted virus isolate ended up being largely sequenced, as had small regions on four other viruses. In the more fully characterized virus, you will discover deletions or mutations on the genes coding with the relatively few cytomegalovirus components which might be normally targeted because of the cellular defense mechanisms. There are also additional genetic sequences of cellular and bacterial origin. These “renegade” sequences can be necessary for your virus to regain its infectivity. Rhesus monkey cellular sequences happen to be incorporated into three of stealth adapted viruses which is why there are limited sequence data. In one of such viruses some with the original monkey cellular sequences have already been exchanged for human cellular sequences.

These findings will provide a new conceptual knowledge of viruses. They can essentially become disguised as self or as being a bacterial infection by either cellular or bacterial genetic sequences, respectively. Molecular methods applicable towards the identification of conventional viruses usually are not as reliable as performing sensitive virus cultures. Of major significance is the viruses could act as carriers of disease-inducing cellular genes between individuals and in some cases between animals and man.

Stealth adapted viruses have helped uncover a potent non-immunological anti-virus defense mechanism. The mode of virus suppression continues to be linked to an alternate cellular energy (ACE) pathway. This non-food method of obtaining energy is expressed just as one added kinetic quality with the body’s fluids.

A greater willingness to be aware of, as opposed to to dismiss, the thought of stealth adaptation can have enabled Public Health to answer the Covid-19 pandemic inside a more effective manner. All of my efforts to communicate using the senior officials, including numerous e-mails with attachments and call calls with workers, have to date been unsuccessful. Broader discussions with this topic in social media can be helpful.

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